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This site is now updated for the new Happyland version 1.3 (as of July 14, 2003)

WARNING:  This is a spoiler site, it will spoil your gameplay. However, if you need help on any of the levels, this is the place for you! This site contains cheats, level passwords and level maps with walkthrough for Happyland Adventures.

Level Passwords: These are the passwords to each one of the levels in Happyland X-Mas edition. To use them, start the game, choose "password" in the menu, and type any of the passwords. You can also click on a level's name for its map and a brief walkthrough.

Level Name: Password:
Go to the North (first level)No Password - First level
Mighty Mountain 1thiefofprinces *
Mighty Mountain 2somethingfishy *
Mighty Mountain 3dontturnaround
Mighty Mountain 4yourkingandqueen
Wicked Village 1maximilliandrake
Wicked Village 2wheresthedamncat
Wicked Village 3donteatyellowsnow
Hurry Up (fast level)forestofblackoaks
Manic Mines 1canyouseethemoon *
Manic Mines 2herecomesyuletide
Manic Mines 3whydoyoubuildmeup
Manic Mines 4 (fast level)themanatetwosocks
Tops of Terror 1carsareoftenbigger *
Tops of Terror 2angrybearsaregreen
Tops of Terror 3 (last level)sackfullofpotatoes - Last Level

* This password cannot be aquired in the game, because the previous level has no blue spheres.

More Maps...

Cheats: There are several cheats in Happyland. Write what you want in the passwords box:
haxe-gohomebaddie   - No bad guys.
haxe-canttouchme   - Invincibility.
haxe-opensesame   - Opens the level exit blocks, so you can finish the level without saving any happylanders.
haxe-splitseconds   - Stops the timer - you will have unlimited time to finish the level.
haxe-fullcapacity   - Lets you carry 10 Happylanders with you, instead of the usual 5.
haxe-reset   - Disables all the cheats you are currently using.

Bonus Levels
To complete a level in Happyland, you need to save a certain amount of happylanders to open the locked blocks, and then you can go to the exit and finish the level. The number of happylanders you need to save is written in the top-right corner of the screen. But, usually there are more happylanders on the map than you need. You can save more happylanders than you need to get bonus levels - these are rooms with no enemies or limited time, but instead only bonus items (to remind you, bonus items are not good only for score - for every 250 bonus items you collect, you also get an extra life). To get to the bonus rooms, you need to rescue all of the happylanders on the map - then, all the enemies on the map will turn into gold coins - you then need to collect all the gold coins (you can know how many Gold Coins you have left to pick up by looking at the bottom-left corner of the screen). If you collect all the gold coins you will get into a bonus room when you complete the level.
If you don't have enough time or if you can't find all the happylanders, there is also another way to get a bonus room (a "secret" room). Instead of rescuing all the happylanders and then collect the gold coins, you can simply pick up just one happylander (or more), and take him with you to the level exit. The happylander will then thank you and send you to the secret room.
Use this only if you don't have enough time or if you can't find all the happylanders, because the secret room is smaller than the bonus rooms, and has fewer bonus items.

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